About The Solicitor

Steven Kozlowski, Esq.

The Florida Solicitor is Steven Kozlowski, Esq.

Mr. Kozlowski is a licensed Solicitor in the United Kingdom and Wales in addition to being an attorney in his home state of Florida. Headquartered in Miami, Mr. Kozlowski provides legal services for the needs of his clients in Florida and the United Kingdom. From Miami to London, Manchester to Key West, the Florida Solicitor assists his clients in minding the gap between Florida and British law.

Mr. Kozlowski is an adjunct professor at the University of Miami School of Law where he teaches Current Topics in Art and Entertainment Law. He is an accomplished speaker on a range of legal topics from Art and Corporate law to Therapeutic Jurisprudence. In 2006 Mr. Kozlowski was a guest speaker on a panel regarding Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Litigation at an international conference in Perth, Australia.  Please feel free to contact him about availability for speaking engagements, including his workshop for artists titled The Not-So-Starving Artist.

For more information please contact Mr. Kozlowski at 01-305-673-8988 or  Steven @ KLFPA. com.

Please visit his firm’s website at www.KLFPA.com.