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The Day Obscenity Became Art- from the NY Times

This is an interesting article from the NY Times Op Ed section today about the 5oth anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that re-examined America’s obscenity laws where artistic merit was concerned. 

dh lawrence

The Day Obscenity Became Art


TODAY is the 50th anniversary of the court ruling that overturned America’s obscenity laws, setting off an explosion of free speech — and also, in retrospect, splashing cold water on the idea, much discussed during Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, that judges are “umpires” rather than agents of social change.

Read the Rest of the NY Times Article.

It has begun… the first Bruno lawsuit

There were seven lawsuits in total against Sacha Baron Cohen with Borat. Bruno’s first lawsuit was filed a month before the movie’s premier. This lawsuit however, is more serious as it involves a personal injury claim. It will be worth following. 


Sacha Baron Cohen sued over ‘Bruno’

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